Childish Beauty

But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Luke 18:16-17

Training camp arrived for the New England Patriots one August, and I loved attending the practices to watch my husband play. My two sons and I would sit under a tent or on a grassy hill to watch the drills and feel the excitement.






A new season brought fresh faces to the team, so I invited one of the new wives and her three-year-old son with me to practice.

We found a spot on the grass, and then we looked up to see Gisele Bündchen walk up and sit about twenty feet from us.

This was more than meeting a new friend.

Gisele was a gorgeous, Victoria’s Secret supermodel and international celebrity. Her boyfriend at the time, Tom Brady, was our gorgeous quarterback, who by the way was also an international celebrity.

It was hard not to stare because she really did have an unmatched, natural beauty to her. She was holding a pint-sized puppy in her lap as well.

My friend and I talked incessantly about how beautiful she was. We giggled at how close we were to her knowing that we would never approach her. We understood she was in a league of her own and probably didn’t want to be bothered.

As my friend was finishing her sentence, we looked up and her sweet, three-year-old little boy had made his way over to Gisele. He was comfortably sitting in her lap petting the little puppy. Oh my!

My friend immediately jumped up and made her way over to Gisele, apologized, and returned with her son to our safer spot. Gisele was gracious and thought nothing of it, but we sure thought it was funny.

I know this sounds silly and slightly immature, but the difference in how a child and an adult receive beauty is eye-opening.

How often do we as adults sit on the sideline and admire how God is working?

Or talk about the beauty of God but never experience it?

God wants us to throw off the things that hinder us, break free from the fears and insecurities that make us want to protect our image, and repent of the pride keeping us from sprinting to the very One who can give us love and life.

The traits we call childish, inappropriate, or naïve may be the very humility in which God wants us to come to Him with.







I missed out on an opportunity to talk to Gisele.

If I had a redo, I would talk to her not out of admiration but to get to know her, to make her feel loved on and not gawked at.

Jesus longs for us to jump up from our blankets of admiration, get over ourselves, and be open to the life only He can give.

Run to Him.

Feel the freedom to run to Jesus.

He will accept you with open arms; He died with open arms to make a way for you.



  1. Meg Delo

    She would have felt HONORED to talk to you, Kasey! And I can’t help but remember one Sunday morning at SWC…a BEAUTIFUL little blonde haired girl with her hair all braided and in a fancy “do” on top of her head…..snuggled shyly against her Mommy and peeking around at me. YOU could’ve been that “super model” with your beauty, too, Kasey… just chose to honor God and spread His Word and lift up people’s days (like mine!). Thank you for the choice YOU made!

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