Heavenly Handbook

Isn’t it crazy how slowly time passes when you have a big decision to make, when you are stuck in a season of suffering, or when you are on the not-so-fun side of change?

My mind has a hard time resting because I play out every possible scenario of how my situation could work out. My mental exercises could be written in a book similar to the children’s “Choose your own adventure” books where you can create your own story line.

Obsessive thinking is a bit strong, but I will admit to becoming fixated on my dilemma.

How many times have I said, “If God would just give me a handbook and write out each step I should take, then I would do it.”

Waiting for clarity, answers, or relief just cries out for me to do something.

I admit my fixated and faulty thinking has often viewed prayer as my last option when I have exhausted everything else. How often have we heard, “Well, I guess all we can do is pray about this”?

As I have come to know God more and gained some muscle in my faith, God has taught me that prayer is not only the first thing I should do, but it is the most powerful and effective thing I can do.

When my view of God becomes more aligned with God’s Word, I trust God more, I understand His sovereignty and love more, and I see how futile my efforts are compared to God’s power and wisdom.

I don’t have to pray.

I get to pray.

I get to talk to my Creator, Redeemer, and Savior on a personal level knowing He cares deeply about the details of my life. It doesn’t make sense for me to deal with my problems, feelings, or concerns any other way.

As I pray, my heart bows and my mind rests because God proves Himself trustworthy over and over again.

The handbook of instructions I longed for before has no place in God’s grace because all the action steps would be taken by me.

In my rest, I looked again into God’s Word with a new perspective and there in Romans 12:12 it says,



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God gave me three different action steps to take in my waiting: Be joyful, be patient, and pray faithfully.

Not exactly the action words I looked for in the past. Buy this, move here, and take this job not that one seemed much more effective.

My action words were directly correlated to my achievement of my desired result. God’s action words are directly correlated to His development of His desired character in me.

The instruction manual I needed has always been there in scripture. I couldn’t see it because my mind was going as fast as my feet and both were trying to achieve what God has already taken care of.

Our confidence in tomorrow will increase when we understand that God is already there.

Imagine what our lives would look like if we longed for closeness with Christ as much as we longed for clarity from Him.


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