The Performance Trap

Welcome to 31 Days of The Performance Trap


I accepted a challenge to write each day in October, and I will be linking up via The Nester‘s 31 Days website.

I am excited to share my heart and hurts with you in hopes of freeing us from a performance trap so we can live in the freedom of Jesus Christ.

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Day 1 – The Performance Trap (scroll down)

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Day 28 – Refuse, Refocus, and Run

Day 29 – Get Serious and Stand

Day 30 – Take God At His Word

Day 31 – Blurry But Not Blind


Day 1 – The Performance Trap

I have struggled connecting my head to my heart. I had the head knowledge of Christ, but my greatest desire was obtaining His peace in my heart.

Busyness and familiarity had a way of masking this disconnect.

At an early age, life intensified for me when my dad was killed in a car wreck on our way home from a family vacation. God healed me physically and emotionally over time, but I endured a burn tragedy in my twenties, which compounded my fear and grief.

I grew weary of clinging to my beliefs and plugging into life. My faithful performance matched the highly-competitive, NFL football world God placed my husband in, but any behavior modifications I excelled in came up short.

My version of Christianity was not contagious to my overwhelmed friends, and my fruit was too sour to eat. Worry misplaced my joy, and the overflowing comfort I received from my family and husband was not enough.

But God.

God wanted more for me. Through God’s grace, studying His word, and mentors, I found freedom in Jesus Christ. God gently showed me my need to die to myself, and my new perspective pushed me to seek out what it looks like to abide in Christ.

I struggled with a stronghold of fear, but I am now plugged in to this life while living my life in Christ. God’s truth freed me up to love Him and others.

He can revive your weary mind and overwhelmed heart as well.

My prayer for these next 31 days is for God to lead us to His truth, to Himself. I will use my experiences to show us how to replace the loud and empty lies we often listen to instead of God’s promises. I pray God’s truth will lovingly lead us to repent of the rebellious independence I thought would keep me safe and guide us to a restful dependence on Him.

Are you tired of white-knuckling your faith?

Do you feel trapped in a performance tread-me-ill?

Dive into God’s word with me this month. Let’s discover what it looks like to abide in the only One who can set us free from a mind of worry and a life of striving as we stop saying “we can” and start saying “He can.”


  1. Alice Thompson

    It appears God is using you and your gift to share/help others. No greater calling. Way to go Kasey. I’m sure your dad and God both are saying…Well done good and faithful servant. Great correlations. Your dad and God. Your earthly father and your heavenly Father. No greater praise.

    • Thank you Mrs. Alice, I pray I can use what I have learned to encourage someone who needs it. I am definitely writing with a grateful heart.

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