Top 10 Things I Learned In Pre-K

I completed my first year as a Pre-k4 teaching assistant today. I know schools are centered around teaching students, but I learned too much not to share, so here we go:

My Top 10 Things I Learned In Pre-K:

1. Cheery “Hellos” make a difference. Kids get this. Smile!

2. It is okay to be silly. Make funny faces and do the silly movements to songs. Kids need to see us have fun (just don’t wear long skirts that day).

3. It is okay to struggle. Frustration provides us with opportunities to talk about God and to God. Real growth happens when we say, “God, I need you.”

4. The little tasks matter as much as the big ones. Do everything for the glory of God.

5. Play time is a necessity. We forget this as adults. No matter what season we are in, rain or shine, we need to run around for no other reason than to stretch our legs and remember this world will still function without us.

6. Encourage, encourage, and then encourage some more. We all need it, and the act of giving it can be contagious.

7. Instruction is important, but to impact the next generation, you have to be in tune with their needs. Instructing comes from knowledge. Investing comes from the heart and leads to prayer.

8. Use your outside voice! Kids live life with passion. I know with my own kids, I constantly say, “Take it down a notch.” I can’t remember the last time someone said that to me. It is time to for us to rev it up and be passionate about the lives God has entrusted to us.

9. Relationships are where life happens. Friends make life better. Make sure you plug-in to where God has you, and thank God for the people God places you next to.

10. Choose joy. Our feelings, frustrations, or circumstances don’t get the last word in our day nor in our lives. Focus on God, and allow Him to live His life through you. Kids need to know that they can choose joy too.

I can’t wait to see how God moves next year. Now it’s time to play!



  1. Teresa Schisler

    I Love this, Kasey! Such wisdom in these words. You have always had such a positive influence with everyone around you! How sweet it is for these babies to have their first time at school to be blessed by you!! God bless you for investing in them:)

  2. Keri Davis

    You nailed it! I need to print this as little reminders at school. You are such a light in this world Kasey!! Keep shining!!!!

  3. Donna whitehead

    Kasey every word you have spoken here is so true! I know that no matter how old you are God teaches us each day! We have to be willing and open to Him! I can’t wait for school I love my kids! It makes me think …we are children of God I know He gets excited like we do when we are in His will!

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