Trusting Instead Of Prepping For Heartache

Do you ever try to prep your kids without telling them the whole story of what is about to happen? The full weight of the reality that our twelve-year-old lab is not doing well and on her last leg is too much for my kids to bear, so I tone it down: “Abby is not … [Read more…]

Shaky Yet Skilled, Wobbly Yet Willing

Do you ever make simple things too complicated? I do. Especially when it comes to serving God. What I have to offer connects unnecessarily to my identity. What am I good at? Will others agree? What if I don’t perform well? What if it is challenging and takes more of me than I am willing … [Read more…]

What Do You Hunger For?

“What we hunger for is evidence of what we believe can fill us.” I knew my pastor’s sermon this morning wouldn’t be satisfied staying on my sheet of notes. My mind wouldn’t rest until I grabbed a pen and piece of paper. Do I hunger for things other than God hoping they will fill me like … [Read more…]

It’s Time to Open Our Hearts

I fried a pan of bacon this morning for my kids’ breakfast. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but to me it is. It’s been twelve years since I stood comfortably in front of a stove boasting hot oil. I stood comfortably today. The smell of hot oil brings back … [Read more…]

Do Not Be Anxious About Anything

It is unsettling to come off of a restful weekend and allow a glance at your schedule for the week to come overwhelm you. I see all good things. In the past our good things could exist together. I intentionally pray over each designated slice of time and see the value for my family in … [Read more…]