Top 10 Things I Learned In Pre-K

I completed my first year as a Pre-k4 teaching assistant today. I know schools are centered around teaching students, but I learned too much not to share, so here we go: My Top 10 Things I Learned In Pre-K: 1. Cheery “Hellos” make a difference. Kids get this. Smile! 2. It is okay to be … [Read more…]

What A Gift It Is To Stand In Line

I try to not attach a deep spiritual meaning to every simple life experience I encounter, but a two-hour wait in Orlando heat for a two-minute Disney ride screams for spiritual understanding. Earthly experiences can be useful tools to dig for spiritual depth. I was all in at this point. I wiped a chocolate smudge … [Read more…]

Trusting God For Moments Like This

I don’t know why I had a hard time throwing this away.   I painted it. It’s not even my best work. This moment, painting with Kylie. grabbed my heart. It was the kind of moment that surprises you even though you have prayed for it. Calm and kind. Giggles muting the ticking of the … [Read more…]

Thanking God Allows Me to Say “Yes” to God

Here I sit on Sunday night facing the same busy schedule I faced last week, but something is different. I am different. Last week, I went through the tedious process of planning and came up short on time. I had to feel the frustration of logistical challenges with my kids in order for me to … [Read more…]