Living Free Of Worry

What does living free look like to you? Can you imagine a life free of worry? The problem with worry is that it makes sense. It is practical. We know from experience the dangers of this world, and it feels very natural to be more than concerned by what could happen to our loved ones, … [Read more…]

A Touch From Our Healer’s Hand

Have you felt the power of Jesus’ touch in your life recently? I pray these simple points of reflection will expose our need for His touch, remind us of His power, reveal the purpose in our healing, and strengthen our faith because of His tangible love.   Acknowledge your need. At what point does a … [Read more…]

A Reluctant Hope

It is hard to be a healed Christian with a hopeless heart. It doesn’t match up. Reluctant hope becomes the norm, not exactly the kind of hope I expected on the healed side of heartache. My hope was cautious for far too long, and when I asked God for help, He began a good work … [Read more…]