Trusting Instead Of Prepping For Heartache

Do you ever try to prep your kids without telling them the whole story of what is about to happen? The full weight of the reality that our twelve-year-old lab is not doing well and on her last leg is too much for my kids to bear, so I tone it down: “Abby is not … [Read more…]

When Training Draws Us Into Relationship

Yuck. Another pair of clean socks tossed into the laundry room. “Kaden!” “Come here, buddy. It’s okay if you spill the dog’s water, but you still need to clean it up.” Kaden can catch a football for the winning score in a football game, but balancing water in a dog bowl from the sink to the … [Read more…]

Living Free Of Worry

What does living free look like to you? Can you imagine a life free of worry? The problem with worry is that it makes sense. It is practical. We know from experience the dangers of this world, and it feels very natural to be more than concerned by what could happen to our loved ones, … [Read more…]

When We Understand As Much As We Can

Scraps of paper and fun images cover my kitchen table while a question flips around in my head: “How can I present this message on Sunday in a way that first through third graders will understand?” They battle distractions on a daily basis and my lesson time-slot is no different: – The fabric on the … [Read more…]

What Do You Hunger For?

“What we hunger for is evidence of what we believe can fill us.” I knew my pastor’s sermon this morning wouldn’t be satisfied staying on my sheet of notes. My mind wouldn’t rest until I grabbed a pen and piece of paper. Do I hunger for things other than God hoping they will fill me like … [Read more…]

When Hurry Steals Our Best

Restless minds make poor authors of love letters. Well-intentioned? Most of the time. Scattered thoughts? Most definitely. Just the other day I quickly jotted down my thought-out words of encouragement on a beautiful card bought on a calmer day, and I misspelled a simple word in my hurry to get it done. To the trash … [Read more…]

Empty Is The New Filled

I thought being indecisive kept me from living a full life. Choosing a restaurant for dinner or toppings for pizza always fell on my husband’s plate. Lazy thinking? Maybe. Too much pressure applied to simple choices? Most definitely. My search for a full, confident life prompted me to analyze my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. … [Read more…]

Get Mad and Focus

“Please don’t wait until you are sick to choose health (Joyce Meyer, Breaking Bad Habits).” The New Year brings anticipation but also assessment. What is working for me and what do I need to change? A fresh urgency and concern for our health stirs our hearts and prompts us to put on running shoes and put … [Read more…]

Trusting God For Moments Like This

I don’t know why I had a hard time throwing this away.   I painted it. It’s not even my best work. This moment, painting with Kylie. grabbed my heart. It was the kind of moment that surprises you even though you have prayed for it. Calm and kind. Giggles muting the ticking of the … [Read more…]

Do Not Be Anxious About Anything

It is unsettling to come off of a restful weekend and allow a glance at your schedule for the week to come overwhelm you. I see all good things. In the past our good things could exist together. I intentionally pray over each designated slice of time and see the value for my family in … [Read more…]