When A Bad Attitude Shows You How To Abide

I let date night slip into another vent session, and my sweet husband held my hand and listened the whole time. It feels good to be negative sometimes. It zaps my energy to always look for the sunny side of things, but yet I don’t like how negativity steals moments from me either. The topics … [Read more…]

Get Mad and Focus

“Please don’t wait until you are sick to choose health (Joyce Meyer, Breaking Bad Habits).” The New Year brings anticipation but also assessment. What is working for me and what do I need to change? A fresh urgency and concern for our health stirs our hearts and prompts us to put on running shoes and put … [Read more…]

Moving Day: Come See My New Home

Blogger/Blogspot was the home for my writing journey I began more than six months ago. With the help of my friend, Kim Harman from K Harman Designs, we created a new home to share my stories yet to be written. From this point on I will be posting here at kaseyhanson.com. I hope you will continue to journey … [Read more…]

God Knows Your Name

It’s hard to be cool and nervous at the same time. Christian almost pulled it off on his first day of school. With his opening football scrimmage approaching that evening, Christian entered his fifth grade classroom and located his assigned seat. His classmates quickly informed him that he is welcome to sit at that particular … [Read more…]

All In God’s Strength

There is something nosey about faith in Jesus Christ. While it continues to grow deeply personal, it refuses to remain safely private. Even the most introverted of believers look into the lives of others and want to interrupt their journey without God. We want more for them than life apart from the presence of God because … [Read more…]

Why Write? – A Blog Hop

There is nothing like linking arms with like-minded friends. I had the chance to do just that at the She Speaks conference last weekend where the leaders of Proverbs 31 ministry encouraged, refocused, and equipped us to be who God is calling us to be as writers and believers.  Today, I am answering a few … [Read more…]

How to Develop a Thirst for God

“Mom, my third grade teacher had a picture of a glass with water in it by her door. Underneath the picture it said, ‘Some say the glass is half empty, but I say it is half full.’ I don’t understand. What does that mean?” I love one-on-one time with my son in the car. His … [Read more…]

When Our “Get To” Pleases God

“This is how you hold your nose when you are baptized.” “I am not sure about getting baptized. I don’t want to get my hair wet.” “John the Baptist was Jesus’s cousin? I wouldn’t let my cousin baptize me.” A straight face should be listed as a needed skill for a second grade life group … [Read more…]

Open Hearts

“I don’t care what you know until I know that you care.” This quote by John Maxwell was one of many puzzle pieces God sent me this week. A conversation here, an impactful statement in a book there, scriptures carried everywhere. I wish I could package what God is teaching me in a cute story … [Read more…]

Is What Your Listening to Worth Dancing to?

Kylie’s singing voice filled the house as headphones pumped her favorite song in her ears. She was in her own little world as she twirled over to me and yelled, ”Mom, I keep rewounding it because I want to learn it better.” Kicking her leg up, she twirled away smiling from ear to ear. Why … [Read more…]