The Silliness of Impatience

My first push towards freedom from an unwanted attitude or behavior is usually the realization of “this is silly.”  What used to make sense to me becomes a sore thumb demanding attention, and my attitude refuses to continue on like usual.  My new perspective makes my old behavior feel silly.  When I feel impatient, a … [Read more…]

Owning Our Superhero Suits

Our students ran wild at church yesterday sporting capes, masks, and any accessory they could come up with expressing their superpowers.  The excitement in the air matched the wide eyes of each child as they shared who they were and what they could do.  Super Woman seemed to be the most popular costume, but each … [Read more…]

Time: Fill it or Invest it

Kids are suckers for a sucker.  Most Wednesday nights I can make my small group of second graders sing silly songs, act out skits, or even slow down enough to make eye contact with me just by holding my bucket of suckers in the air.  The brightly colored wrappers seem to draw out the best … [Read more…]

A Dreamer’s Dilemma

Do you ever feel like perspective is running two steps faster than you?  It is almost a great place to be.  You are running and participating in the race, which is a great start.  The curb of rest is inviting you to sit down, but its voice is drowned out by the pounding of your … [Read more…]

Guarding God’s Work

Nehemiah is one of the great heroes of our faith in the bible.  His heart was to restore Jerusalem’s national pride, so it would better represent the almighty God they served.  Nehemiah 2:17  You see the trouble we are in:  Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire.  Come, let us … [Read more…]

Refusing Rights

Every once in a while a song I really connect with plays on the radio.  Maybe it matches my mood like an upbeat, window-down kind of song.  More contemplative moments seem to reach for the volume button when slower yet powerful ballads ring true.  Music is cool that way.  It reaches down deep like a … [Read more…]

Laugh Lately?

I like to laugh, but sometimes laughter does not make it onto my busy schedule.  This morning was different though.  In a corner of Chick-fil-A, I sat with my friends for about an hour and you could tell we came ready to laugh.  From counting the calories of a lemon to plug into a weight … [Read more…]

Empty Promises

“Goodbye empty calories with your empty promises. You’ve been a bad friend.”  I caught myself off guard with the amount of passion in my words as I laced up my running shoes.  Words representing a battle cry for a war I didn’t know was going on.  I took a serious stand against my foe, the … [Read more…]

Know and Do

Teaching bible stories to kids can be comical.  From talking about dirty feet to chopped-off ears, my small group of 2nd grade girls experience their lesson on a different level than most adults.  “Ewww” and “Gross” are a natural part of our conversation because they are able to visualize and even act out what Jesus … [Read more…]

Passionate Obedience

Emotions are funny.  Anger, excitement, frustration, and passion can be great motivators.  The rush we feel when our emotions propel us into an activity we are good at leaves us wanting more.  We feel useful and alive.  The problem is our emotions originate from us.  They may or may not align with God’s word or … [Read more…]