When Hurry Steals Our Best

Restless minds make poor authors of love letters. Well-intentioned? Most of the time. Scattered thoughts? Most definitely. Just the other day I quickly jotted down my thought-out words of encouragement on a beautiful card bought on a calmer day, and I misspelled a simple word in my hurry to get it done. To the trash … [Read more…]

A Reluctant Hope

It is hard to be a healed Christian with a hopeless heart. It doesn’t match up. Reluctant hope becomes the norm, not exactly the kind of hope I expected on the healed side of heartache. My hope was cautious for far too long, and when I asked God for help, He began a good work … [Read more…]

Empty Is The New Filled

I thought being indecisive kept me from living a full life. Choosing a restaurant for dinner or toppings for pizza always fell on my husband’s plate. Lazy thinking? Maybe. Too much pressure applied to simple choices? Most definitely. My search for a full, confident life prompted me to analyze my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. … [Read more…]

Get Mad and Focus

“Please don’t wait until you are sick to choose health (Joyce Meyer, Breaking Bad Habits).” The New Year brings anticipation but also assessment. What is working for me and what do I need to change? A fresh urgency and concern for our health stirs our hearts and prompts us to put on running shoes and put … [Read more…]

Trusting God For Moments Like This

I don’t know why I had a hard time throwing this away.   I painted it. It’s not even my best work. This moment, painting with Kylie. grabbed my heart. It was the kind of moment that surprises you even though you have prayed for it. Calm and kind. Giggles muting the ticking of the … [Read more…]

What Will You Bring This Christmas?

I brought a cookie cake to Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love cookie cake, but wedging the big red box through the door was my first clue that it didn’t match the effort of the casseroles lining the table. My pastor’s words still echo in my heart as I anticipate the biggest birthday … [Read more…]

A Christmas Jesus Would Enjoy

Guest Post by Tyra Walker (My Mom!) “I love my mom. In every situation and conversation she is looking for a way to give, to encourage someone. She loves in a way that makes you feel like she gets you, loves you, and is not rushed to leave the moment. She is a gift to me … [Read more…]

Wise Guys Love Jesus

I want to be an intentional mom. Perfect is not working out too well, and well-meaning seems too easy to achieve. Christmas TIP:  Be creative and create space for God to move in your children’s lives.  Intentional to me means creating space in my life for God to move. What I have discovered is that … [Read more…]

From A Restless Heart to An Active Participant

Guest Post by Amy Poole My friend, Amy, is a giver. Her words are always encouraging and purposeful, and her authentic love for God and family inspires me to be a better wife, mom, and friend. I know you will be encouraged as she generously shares with us today. – Kasey Hanson  Christmas TIP:  “It … [Read more…]

Nurturing A Faint Glow Into A Blinding Light

Guest Post by Kim Harman Kim Harman is a Christian, wife, and mother. God allowed Kim and her husband to grow their family through international adoption. She passionately serves God through small women’s groups and has a hunger for studying the Bible. In her spare time she loves spending time as a family, traveling, having … [Read more…]