Ever Wonder if Your Generosity Matters?

I don’t mind sharing.  On the last day of school, I graciously shared what was left of my cookie cake with Kylie’s teachers.  My three pieces already satisfied my appetite for the time being, but giving away cookie cake is inherently generous.  I also love to share with friends what God is teaching me or … [Read more…]

Don’t Have to Doubt

There is something about grief that yearns to pair sadness with doubt.  Maybe it is because we are weaker on our own when we are sad and the devil knows it.  Maybe our questions more urgently need answers as sadness hangs heavy on our minds.  We want relief as the facts of this world stand … [Read more…]

A Watchful Woman

“A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child” (Sophia Loren).  Out of all the inspirational Mother’s Day quotes posted on Twitter, this one caught my eye.  I remember as a young, first-time mom realizing I no longer have the luxury of only thinking about myself.    I can’t … [Read more…]

Lean in and Lighten up

God has really been working on my momma’s heart lately, and the phrase “lighten up” seems to be our new team chant.  Surely, God is not suggesting my role as a mom should not be taken seriously.  I love too deeply and pray too long for me not to feel the weight of my God-given … [Read more…]

Jesus is…

Kylie pumped her legs back and forth as her hair flowed with the wind from her swing.  The park was quiet today even though the sunshine beckoned for company.  The calm, sweet attitudes of my kids nudged me to ask them a personal question.   “Christian, who is Jesus to you?” Christian’s eyes lit up.  … [Read more…]

Created Confidence

I am confident about a lot of things, but most of those things do not deal with people.  I am confident that I can keep my commitment to brush my teeth every day.  I am confident that I can prepare a decent dinner for my family.  I am also confident I can be responsible enough … [Read more…]

Painting with Purpose

Three days.    It took me three days to paint my bedroom.  I was prepared, willing, and my supplies were organized, but my work time was limited to short spans between birthday parties and flag football games.  In my attempt to lighten up my room, I chose airy plantation beige as my color.  I think … [Read more…]

Remember When?

“Remember how I told you to stand.” “Kaden, put down your toy gun.” “Kylie, pretty smile.” “Christian, quit picking up your sister.” Traditional Easter pictures do not come easily for my family, and it is not due to lack of instruction.  With all of the picture practice from Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas, it … [Read more…]

Engage to Remember

What makes a moment memorable?  I can tell you with certainty I will not soon forget my sister teaching my ninety year old grandfather how to take a “selfie” with his new phone.  My mom remembers when my husband’s great grandmother delivered fried chicken, green beans, and biscuits fresh from her kitchen.  She recalls that … [Read more…]

A Splash of Grace

I knew I was asking a lot from my three kids as I outfitted them with ponchos twice their size on this rainy day at Disney World.  Our non-refundable tickets and perfectly planned spring break demanded we keep our pace and press on with our fun agenda.  My three troopers laughed at the shows, hugged … [Read more…]